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“User Experience Design“

Who We Are

Terra First Design provides a user experience design that is easy for everyone to understand and use. The basis of good design is to provide a better lifestyle culture by understanding, observing, and analyzing users,…..

What is the ideal design for producers? Productivity, innovation, identity, empathy, eco-friendliness, symbolism,… … .

Even if all the conditions are not satisfied, we will make a standard for tools (products, objects) that reflect the timeliness. Terra First Design gives users joy, comfort, happiness,… ..can give We will design for humans.

Our Services

Product Design / Service Design / Visual Design(GUI & App Design) / 기구설계

Electronics, Electrical Appliances Medical Device Products Industrial Equipment Products Household Goods

Research & Strategy
UI & UX Design
Design PM

GUI Design
APP Design
CI & BI Design

Structural Review and Design
Design Mock Up
Working Mock Up


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